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How often do you wake up feeling well-rested? Do you have a chronic disease? Could these two things be related? These are questions that Dr. Michael Bennett, a double-board certified craniofacial pain and sleep doctor, has been asking for years. 

Join him as he provides vital information to help you with your personal discovery of Unleashing the Healing Power of Sleep!

Aug 18, 2020

Have you been hearing more about how sleep is important to good health in the news lately? Have you seen books and podcasts about breathing better? Do you want to know what all the hype is about? 

Listen as Dr. Bennett talks with Dr. Lyly Fisher, who is one of the many dentists who has transitioned from focusing on cavities, broken teeth and gum disease, to thinking about looking for signs of sleep breathing disorders that can be a root cause of underlying health issues. Join the ever-growing population of dentists who are seeing the “bigger picture” and truly becoming experts in helping patients breathe and sleep better.