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How often do you wake up feeling well-rested? Do you have a chronic disease? Could these two things be related? These are questions that Dr. Michael Bennett, a double-board certified craniofacial pain and sleep doctor, has been asking for years. 

Join him as he provides vital information to help you with your personal discovery of Unleashing the Healing Power of Sleep!

Mar 25, 2020

Doctor Bennett interviews Natalie, a mom who was heartbroken to see her children struggle in school and with their health, not knowing why.

She explains the symptoms she saw such as large tonsils, dark circles under eyes, as well as crowded teeth, and a diagnosis of ADD. The effects on her children were devastating. From being isolated in their classes to being top students, listen to this mom’s heart-felt testimonial of how giving children a good airway and good sleep can truly be life-changing. 


YouTube story called “Finding Connor Deegan"