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How often do you wake up feeling well-rested? Do you have a chronic disease? Could these two things be related? These are questions that Dr. Michael Bennett, a double-board certified craniofacial pain and sleep doctor, has been asking for years. 

Join him as he provides vital information to help you with your personal discovery of Unleashing the Healing Power of Sleep!

Sep 21, 2020

What is the Vivos System? What does it mean for the future of dentistry and healthcare? Whether you are a dentist or just someone looking for answers to breathe better, sleep better, and let your body heal itself, you won’t want to miss this amazing highlight reel! Join Dr. Bennett as he talks about the reasons why he, and so many others, are excited about the Vivos System. 


Here are the full episodes:

Tyler, a little boy with Tourette’s syndrome who sees major reduction from tics- Ep.6 

Natalie, mom to Oliver and Emma, talks about their improvement with ADHD- Ep.10

Josh, a military soldier who struggled with PTSD and thoughts of suicide-Ep.11

Bret, a financial planner who suffered from Crohn's Disease his whole life-Ep.7

Dr. Dave Singh, world-renowned scientist and founder of the Vivos System shares a recent case out of the many cases he has seen over the years-Ep.14

Dr. Felix Liao, dentist, author, lecturer shares a case and gives words of wisdom-Ep.23

Dr. Meredith Smedley, holistic dentist who shares her excitement about treating her husband and herself with the Vivos System-Ep.28